Some People Think You Shouldn’t Play With Your Food

Some People Think it’s gross when people play with their food. I usually do, but I stumbled upon these and they made me laugh. The first person to post a picture like this that displays some cleverness wins a Some People Think T-Shirt. Not much else to say about these except – enjoy!


I Think These are the 5 Worst Rappers of the Past Decade

This was supposed to be easy…but god damn, there have been a lot of terrible rappers in these past 10 years. It was tough, but here it is, my list of the top 5 worst rappers since the year 2000.

Note: Please remember these are just opinions, not facts, so don’t take this stuff too seriously. We all have our opinions, so if you have something to say about the list, let me know with a comment, I want to hear it.  Some people deserve the hate, so let’s spread it.

Honorable Mention: Diddy, Ying Yang Twins, Juelz Santana, Ching y, Loon, Young Dro, Choppa, Lil Mama, Hurricane Chris, Paul Wall, Yung Berg, Flo Rida

5. Plies

What the fuck is this guy saying when he raps? His music is the most incoherent and cluttered piece of shit I think I have ever heard. The only reason why he’s not higher on this list is because I liked him featured on Young Jeezy’s ‘Lose my Mind’ song that was my jam over this past summer. That’s it, the one and only reason. Listening to his music literally gives me  a headache. His absurd amount of echoes and repeats after all of his one-liners, where he just screams the last word said, legitmately kills your brain cells. Here’s a pretty good example of what I’m talking about:

Plies – Me Ho

Remember that famous “your brain on drugs” commercial?  Well, that’s pretty much what happens after listening to Plies. You’re better off doing whipits straight to the dome. At least you get 30 seconds of enjoyment out of it.

4. Young Joc

“Verse numba 2 do the damn thang
Cubes on my neck pockets full of ben frank”

“Every time I see ’em look ’em in the eye
Ask ’em how I know its me surprise!”

“And now we doin’ numbers, numbers like a closeout
Be sure you shop wit me before we’re sold out, go”

“What I got ay you can get it pimp, tell me what’s the bid’ness pimp
Crush the cake then make it flip, then be shoppin on the Imp”

I hope that’s enough for you to get the idea. I didn’t want to waste any more time of my life looking up stupid Young Joc lyrics. I’m all about the southern bump, and understand I need to account for the southern slang, but this guy deserves to get laughed at with the shit that comes out of his mouth. If you’re interested in seeing more dumb lines from Joc, its pretty simple – just type “Young Joc Lyrics” in Google and your your good to go.


3. Soulja Boy aka Smooky

Why Soulja? Why?

I was going to make a statement and leave Soulja Boy off this list. I respected his work, was genuinely a fan of some of his lesser-known songs, and saw a ton of potential in him, particularly his producing talent…then, tragedy struck. Soulja Boy started calling himself Smooky, and soon after, released the worst compilation of music I have ever heard – his new mixtape titled ‘Smooky’. You can get a good jist from these songs:

Soulja Boy – Movie

Soulja Boy – I love you Smooky

Soulja Boy – Smooky

I told you it was bad. He proves, once again, that he has no lyrical ability whatsoever. And to make it even worse, he’s yelling “Smooky” on all of his tracks. Quite possibly the dumbest nickname in the history of rap. I had no choice but to put him on this list. He did it to his damn self.

2. Ja Rule aka Jeffery Atkins

Sweet fur coat brah

If you have listened to any rap over the years, and have heard this scratchy-voiced midget try to rap, then you know that this was an obvious choice. Predictable, I know, but he deserves the hate. All of it. According to Urban Dictionary, a “Ja Rule hater” is defined as, “A man with balls. One who can see that Ja Rule is a useless piece of shit who cannot rap and looks like a sewer rat.” Lol, perfectly said. He was a soft bitch who tried to act tough on his tracks, (I believe the term “studio gangster” was coined after him) all while butchering every single song he has ever recorded due to his lack of rythym and flow and his god-awful voice. Allow this song to bring back the terrible memories…

Ja Rule – Livin’ it Up

Thank god 50 Cent ended his career.

1. Jim Jones…and pretty much all of Dipset…but mostly Jim Jones

Ladies and Gentlman, the worst rapper of the decade – Jim Jones!

Who is this guy? I mean, I know he’s a part of the dipset crew, and that he can’t rap for shit, but what’s this guy all about? Does he have any intelligent thoughts? Does he make jokes? Is he deep? Does he have a soul? Is he a robot? I have a lot of questions about this man. He is the only rapper on this list in which nothing pops into my head when I hear his name. Nothing. I want to compare him to Eli Manning, but that would be mean, Eli has a beaming personality compared to this guy. Jim Jones’s (even his name is boring) lack of any personality or character shows itself in his crappy music. If you actually listen to the words of his songs, you realize that Jones does an incredible job of never coming close to making any intelligent or meaningful statements. He just seems to rap, unjustifiably, about how awesome he his while dropping the N-bomb every 12 words. This video does a great job to sum up his general aura of nothingness. Even his wardrobe is wack –  notice how he wears both a New York Yankees hat and a Boston Red Sox hat. Joke. Does this guy have an opinion on anything?

His big hit ‘ballllllinnnnn’ was cool I guess, but only because girls loved it and screaming it would help me not make a complete fool of myself while dancing with them. Eh, I guess that’s debatable… but if it weren’t for these girls (Michael Strahan and the Giants fall into this category), this guy would sell no records. What best describes Jim Jones is the word “nothing”.

Oh yea, and did I mention he’s 34 years old? Ballliiinnnnnnnn

Some People Think You Might Not Need a Laptop Anymore

Check out these new iPad-keyboard products now available to iPad users (via Mashable):




Some People Think This is Gibberish

If interested, I have a Gucci Mane related task for you:

Please go to the :32 second mark of this video and try to understand what Gucci is saying up to about the 1:14 mark. If you figure it out, please let me know. The only part I understand is the lalala part.

Some People Think This Legitimizes Potheads As a Real Market

According to a study by TIME Magazine (yea, I can do syndicated research too), 42% of people in America have smoked pot before, and according to another one of my  highly respected sources,, between 15-20% of Americans smoke regularly. This means that, conservatively guessing, 52,191,113 people may have the munchies right now. That is a serious target market (that’s not even including the entire ‘Baby-Sitter/Parents Night Out’ market…or better yet, the ‘Pot Smoking Babysitters’ market…). DiGiorno Pizza has announced a new product that combines a childhood classic, ‘break-n-bake’ frozen cookies, with another childhood afterschool all-star, frozen pizza.

I am really not even trying to be a smartass, but this is brilliant. I mean, how much simpler can they make it for sweet and salty snack seekers? (Especially those whose mind has been relegated to an 11 year old…) Not much. Not to mention, they nailed the pot smoking community’s respective favorite and second favorite treats for hunger pains (I wish I had a real statistic to support that). I’d also like to nod to the fact that they have a boneless buffalo tenders variety as well… well played DiGiorno…well played. In all seriousness,  DiGiorno demonstrates they know how to distinguish themselves in what is a pretty exhaused frozen pizza market – an already tough gig seeing as how cheap delivery pizza is (Any takers for ‘2’ as an over/under on number of years until Dominoes  just straight pays people to eat their pizza?). To me, this is a much smarter move than launching an unoriginal product, such as a wholesome new line of “Healthy DiGiorno” – played out territory that Amy’s has already conquered. DiGiorno is demonstrating what so many companies forget to realize – you don’t need to sell products to people, but instead, products to a lifestyle.  Some People Think DiGiorno is in touch with their consumers.

Some People Think the Best Part About the Steelers v Jets Game was a Booger and Some Humping

I am really glad these moments were caught and uploaded. For sitting through what I thought to be a boring NFC championship game (for the most part), we were rewarded with two priceless clips:

Clip 1: Mark Sanchez picks his nose, then proceeds to put a booger on Mark Brunell. HAHA. I cannot think of a better person in the world to put a booger on than Mark Brunell. Seriously. As a Redskins fan, I know how much of a joke this guy is. He’s a 40 year old born-again Christian QB with no arm strength, speed, or testicles, who famously filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and is now broke as hell. I can honestly say, with complete confidence, that Mark Sanchez’s booger is worth more than Mark Brunell’s life. I personally know Jets fans that would pay $50 to eat his booger. And yes, they’re dudes.

Clip 2: Rashard Mendenhall dry humps Ben Roethlisber: [Insert funny Ben Roethlisberger rape joke]

Nice form Mendy!

Some People Think This is Google on Acid

Some People Think is like Google’s artsy, right-brained, RISD grad student cousin. I won’t digress into what I think the possibilities of this will be for the future of search engines, or the possibility of this as a sustainable business venture. There isn’t much to Spezify – it is simply just a search engine. I will keep it brief  and leave you with 5 of my initial reactions:

1) It’s clearly not as effective as Google or Bing, especially when it comes to ‘information seeking’ answers. Like, if I wanted to know what jobs were available in the Tulsa area – this isn’t the way to go. But…

2) It is interesting and certainly informative for seeking the ‘pulse’ of a topic. For example, today I entered in Spezify “Cutler’s Injury” – a day after the starting QB left the NFC championship game with a knee injury. It does provide a quick look at what people are saying, and links to concrete information about the topic, as well as a unique composition of tweets, Facebook posts, and a mix of articles –  from highly regarded sources to obscure blogs. In my eyes, this is an upgrade from Google’s constraint of returning the most relevant information based on search terms (since the general public opinion was what I was more curious about in this case).

3) As an add-on to #2, it works notably well for intricacies of language that Google can misinterpret. For example, a phrase that I really like is “tick tick boom”, used in the context to describe something amazing or exciting, or  sometimes used in the context of anger, as well. (Anyone who knows me will vouch that I have been trying to promote the positive connotation of this phrase for years, like, “This Chipotle burrito is the tick tick boom.”… That’s neither here nor there though). In Spezify, I find my search results to be much more meaningful in terms of what I am actually looking for, whereas for Google, the entire first page references The Hives’ Tick Tick Boom… (I just wanna see if my phrase has taken off yet…)

4) While not everything that appears on my Spezify search is relevant, this is a fun way to ‘reverse manage’ social media. There are plenty of companies offering services to help manage all of your social media platforms; but how about a platform that uniquely searches a variety of social media dialogue? I predict an eventual splitting of the internet – one half squarely for informaition and answers (Wikipedia, Quora, Google Maps) and another where people engage in conversations; this may be a precursor to a search engine that only explores the latter.

5) This will probably never compete with Google, but it does provoke thought about how different humans recieve information. It’s no secret that we all learn differently, so why would everyone ‘search and receive’ information the same way. I would confidently guess that a stringent list with blue hyperlinks may not be the best way for people to search the web considering how unique each person’s mind is. It almost seems like Google’s interface is skewed towards ‘left-brain’ thinkers who methodically sort through information. Spezify’s interface, especially in the way it populates,  seems more similar to the way creative thought occurs.

Some People Think differently… shouldn’t search algorithms think differently as well?

SomePeopleThink this is America’s Next Best Dance Crew

Others think it is the defending Eastern Conference Champions whose star power forward is dancing in a towel. Both could be right.

Some People Think You Should Always Say Whatup to Lil’ Wayne

“Them ni**as never speak to a ni**a. They don’t chuck me the deuce or nothing…[I] spent all that money on them fucking tickets … Come holla at me. We sit right by them little bitch-ass ni**as. At least come ask me why I’m not rooting for you.” – Weezy F

Cmon Lebron, he's such a huggable guy!

Lil Wayne is officially a Miami Heat hater. This glorious piece of information, and the quote above, is all coming from an upcoming Rolling Stone interview, set to be published in the next few days (expect a post on this). Wow. Just as I think I couldn’t possibly like him anymore than I already do. What a dude. Wayne is right to be dissing them too, especially Lebron. We all know he loves the spotlight and flaunts his fame whenever possible. So why wouldn’t he give daps to the best rapper alive who’s also fresh outta jail? Doesn’t make any damn sense. Unless, of course, you’re like me and think Lebron is a big crybaby who’s giving my man weezy the silent treatment because of this song:

Lil’ Wayne – Kobe Bryant

Screw Lebron! best friends for life!

Some People Think This is Impossible

I do. Like really…. This time of year I have been jonesin’ for some snowboarding. Then I saw this video…. forget snowboarding, now I can’t help but reconsider my existence on this planet. I really have no idea if this is real or not. But if someone in Newhouse knows what kind of funny camera tricks they used to make this work, for the love of god let me know. Some People Think this is proof that science isn’t real.

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