SomePeopleThink This is How the 1st Round of the 2011 NFL Draft Will Pan Out

SomePeopleThink this is how the first round of the NFL draft will play out in April. Actually, it definitely won’t – because with the combine and Pro days yet to come, stocks will inevitably rise and fall. Shout out to Fred Horsman for all of his help on this – he is the official SPT NFL Consigliere (and by ‘help on this’ I mean basically composing most of it).  This is a solid baseline and  as April moves closer I will begin to define the rules for my annual NFL Draft Game…
  1. Carolina – Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson– The Panthers have a lot of needs but a good pass rush can make up for other short comings on the defense. The panthers take Bowers in an attempt to fill the vacancy left by Julius Peppers.
  2. Denver – Marcell Dareus DT Alabama  – Again, a ton of needs. Try to build the trenches has always been Jon Fox’s formula…
  3. Buffalo – Nick Fairley DT Auburn – The Bills have so many needs that a trade would be wise but Fairley provides  provide an inside presence  for a team hat has shown complete ineptitude at stopping the run (especially in the 4th quarter) Gabbert would be wise here though.
  4. Cincinatti – Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri– Carson is out. No decent QB free agent will sing with Cinci and Marv Lewis’ new contract relives pressure to win now. Gabbert is the best QB in this draft as he offers the whole package… I really like Gabbert’s potential.
  5. Arizona – Patrick Peterson CB – Arizona desperately needs a QB, but I’m guessing they will go the veteran route and sign a free agent (Orton, Kolb, Mcnabb, Young, Hill…) to keep Larry Fitz in town past next season .  Patrick Peterson is too good to pass up and they need someone opposite DRC.
  6. Cleveland – AJ Green WR Georgia – McCoy’s new toy
  7. San Francisco – Vonn Miller OLB Texas AM – Possible trade here with Newton and Mallet (QB stocks will have risen by then). But the Willis/Miller Combo sounds like it could be the next Lewis/Suggs type duo.No disrespect to Ray.
  8. Tennessee – Robert Quinn DE– I don’t see them taking Cam Newton after what they’ve been through with Vince Young. Quinn has the too much upside to pass on
  9. Dallas – Cameron Jordan DE – A big DE to play in the 3-4. Honestly, Dallas sucks, Dallas has more needs than people seem willing to admit so acquiring picks seems wise. With teams like Miami and Jacksonville trying to leapfrog Washington for a QB, I think a trade is likely. I’ll keep it simple for now.
  10. Washington – Cam Newton QB – Oh shiiiit. Washington is in need of a QB. Also, Shanahan has had success before with mobile, big-armed QB’s. It makes sense. Too bad for Redskins fans they will have to wait another 3 years before this bust unfolds Redskins are the Mets of the NFL. Newton may drop though as April nears.
  11. Houston – Prince Akamura  CB – Sometimes best player available and position of need coincide perfectl.
  12. Minnesota – JJ Watt  DE Wisconsin – They are in Win NOW mode as they are a QB away- they will take the best QB available  (Mallet) if they don’t go QB via free agency (Kolb makes the most sense here and the Vikings would be wise to exchange this pick for him straight up). I predict they replace Ray Edwards.
  13. Detroit – Aldon Smith LB Missouri– Julian Peterson is the Lions best LB and he is getting pretty old. CB could happen here as well if one of the CB’s below improves stock or one of the top two fall…
  14. St. Louis – Julio Jones WR – A weapon for Bradford to throw to…. .
  15. Miami – Mark Ingram Rb Alabama – Ricky and Ronnie are out of Miami this off season. Immediate impact player.
  16. Jacksonville – Ryan Mallet QB– Jacksonville finally nails their franchise QB (I could see them swapping with Dallas and going Mallet at 9.
  17. New England –  Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue. I can almost guarantyee the Pats don’t pick here as everyone expects them to do a bunch of wheeling and dealing with 6 picks in the first 3 rounds.  This guy is legit op 10 (maybe even 5) talent – the depth of defensive line talent this year costs him. Either the Pats swipe him or someone else does.
  18. San Diego – Nate Solder OT – This team isn’t very flawed, but they could us help along a sometimes pourous line. Carimi may be the better fit, but the Chargers have the luxury of drafting raw talent with high upside (Did you see his footwork at the combine???) Some sort of DE/LB is option as well.
  19. New York Giants – Gabe Carimi OT– A big physical OT to hopefully replace Kareem McKenzie at some point. If the Giants don’t have faith in Will Beatty then maybe they need to get a left tackle that can handle speed rushers. Sherrod and Tyron Smith are still on the board. The Giants offensive line needs a revamp.
  20. Tampa Bay – Brandon Harris CB – The Bucs offense showed good progress with the emergence of Freeman, Blount, Mike Williams, and Kellen Winslow. Hopefully top picks Gerald McCoy and Brian Price will be healthy and able to contribute. Aqib Talib had 6 interceptions in 11 games. A corner to eventually replace an aging Ronde Barber is a good pick here.
  21. Kansas City – Tyron Smith OT – Drafting well on the defense line has paid dividends for the Chiefs, now it’s time to start investing on the other side as this team matures.
  22. Indianapolis – Corey Luiget  DT – You’ve never heard of him – but you should’ve and will rise as the draft nears. Although the Colts went D-line in the first round last year, Freeney and Mathis aren’t getting younger and run defense is a perennial problem for this team.
  23. Philadelphia – Jimmy Smith CB Colorado – Asante can’t do it alone. LB is also an option here.
  24. New Orleans – Adrian Clayborn DE – Another DE to play opposite Will Smith. Once again, this team has the luxury of drafting BPA because this team lacks a glaring hole.
  25. Seattle – Jake Locker QB Washington – Yea, I’m a sucker for hometown pick like these. But Seattle has the luxury of a year or two grooming period Locker needs.
  26. Baltimore – Mike Pouncey OG Florida – An upgrade at offensive line to help the Ravens pound the running game and keep Joe Flacco upright. If Jimmy Smith or Brandon Harris falls here, they are big options as well.
  27. Atlanta – Allen Bailey DE – Pass rusher to compliment John Abraham. Although unlikely, another WR ( Jon Baldwin see # 32) to compliment Roddy would be a great pick, I just don’t see them taking that route.
  28. New England – Justin Houston LB Georgia– Perfect value for a position of need
  29. Chicago – Jon Baldwin WR Pitt – While an OT like Derrcik Sherrod is a real possibility here.
  30. New York Jets – Stephen Paea DT Oregon State – If he can stay healthy, this is a great value pick. Broke the all-time bench press record at the combine… with authority. Rex, the same guy who drafted Haloti Ngata, replaces Kris Jenkins with a lot of man meat.
  31. Pittsburgh – Danny Watkins OG – Disappointed that Pouncey is already off the board to division rivals, Pittsburgh settles for next best available..which isn’t a bad consolation prize at all
  32. Green Bay – Casey Matthews LB – Oregon – SomePeopleThink I really am a sucker for these sort of brilliant PR moves.

SomePeopleThink These Are the 5 Best Parts About Bro Night

Go ahead and hate, but I love me some bro night on the weekends. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to tell you that my friends and I need to hang out with some cool girls more, but for now, I’m enjoying the hell outta my nights out with the fellas. Shout out to ktown. Shout out to Cuse. Shout out to Tulane. What up, Kenyon!

With that said, here are my 5 favorite parts of my recent bro nights:

Pregame Music Playlists

To get the night going the right way, it all starts with the music. This is the most crucial element to any guys night – my man Pete (piffstar) knows what I’m talking about. With no girls around to converse with, guys are hungry for great pregame music, which is real straight because I thrive when making playlists without the possibility of girls thinking I am a complete weirdo. Allow me to demonstrate:

I like to build my playlists with the right blend of energy,


and Rihanna/Nicki Minaj.

The right pregame music will get everyone loose, get everyone dancing, and will get everyone focused for what’s about to go down… yesssir.

Pregame Jokes and Conversation

Guy talk is hilarious to me for so many reasons. When I get some drinks in me, I feel like my crew turns into a damn improv comedy group. Shout out to Zamboni Revolution. I don’t want to get into the jokes too much though, most are pretty rough and I’m pretty sure girls who read this will be disgusted at my immaturity, but let’s just say I had the whole room laughing after yelling “Javale McGee loves two balls!” during the NBA dunk contest last weekend. Yea, guys are pretty easy (#pause). That’s definitely a good thing for me (#pause?).

But jokes aside, I have been apart of some of the deepest conversations I have had in my entire life whilst drinking with the lads. Such ponderous questions as, “How many blimps are there in the world?” and “How many house cats could you take if they were all trying to kill you?” really had me thinking on a whole new level. What can I say, my friends inspire me.

Spoiler Alert: Rik Smits was the final answer to the puzzle of the new book 'the bro-vinci code'

Rik Smits Moments

Yep, Rik fucking Smits – the crazy, blonde-haired European oaf of a center that played for the Pacers throughout the 1990’s. Drop his name at any point in a conversation during bro night, and BOOM you immediately gain respect from all dudes within the vicinity. It’s a fact, for those five seconds of dude heaven, you are the coolest guy in the world. Bask in your glory, bathe in the waters of dude love (#pause) – you deserve it – and then move on to the next one because there are hundreds of these type of name drops (Brady Anderson, Tommy Frazier, Robert Parrish, Jeff Hornacek, Bryant Reeves, Tino Martinez, etc), that will create a moment of instant dude connection to get the party hyped.  It’s what I like to call a ‘Rik Smits moment’ and it’s what makes guys nights so special to me because when girls are around we tend to talk about real things… way overrated.

All-Dude Dance Circles

Who needs girls when you can hop in the middle of an all-dude dance circle? Well, we kinda do… the purpose of these dance circles is to draw some attention to us, so girls will notice, but it’s still one of my favorite parts of the night, regardless of the fact that it’s a mean to an end. Specifically, I love the random drunken creativity displayed in the middle, leading to everyone screaming, “Ohhhhh!”. I love the stinky legs, the diggying, and whatever other moves we are attempting to do after watching 20 minutes of MTV Jams before going out. Personally, I’m like Antoine Walker and Willie Mays Hayes in there – I go for the big time shoulder shimmy with a throw and a catch. Okay kay kay! But hey, you can literally do anything in there as long as you have heart and/or have enough drinks in you, and guys will love it. At least I know I will. You dug?


My favorite part about guys night is that literally anything goes, and when anything goes, epic stories happen. I love waking up, hungover as shit, and hitting up my buddies to reminisce about (or be reminded of) all of the events that transpired the night before. It’s great. There is a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of camraderie in these talks – it’s real cool to me. Sharing stories with one another is something I feel to be really special, and something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. When I’m 80 years old, and need a nurse to spoon feed me smashed up green beans with a cup of noodles on the side, I’ll still be talking about stories from the legendary bro nights.

One love.

SomePeopleThink soccer shouldn’t advertise in the US

I’ll admit, it took me a while to get into. It’s slow and when you dont know the players, it can be downright boring. Well there is a solution to that half, start playing Fifa 11.  Not only is it the best xbox/ps3 game on the market, you will also learn all of the players on the good teams within a matter of weeks. Sadly, this is how I first became a fan of soccer. The second part comes from watching the best players in the game go at it.  I wanted to share two commercials from rival shoe companies staring F.C. Barcelona teammates, and  international and ballon d’or rivals (soccer’s MVP); Andrés Iniesta and Lionel Messi.

Andrés Iniesta

Lionel Messi

I love the dynamic in soccer that allows club teammates to become bitter rivals in international play, it’s something other sports just can’t replicate on the same level.  In the second video you see Messi carving up the Spanish defense, taken from a 4-1 Argentina victory over Spain in a friendly in Sept. ’10. Messi scored in that game, while Barcelona teammate Iniesta played against him for the first half. Last month Messi won the Ballon d’Or for the second straight year, while Iniesta finished second in the voting with a respectably high percentage of the vote. Currently these two players are fighting for both a Champions League and Coppa de Rey cup with Barcelona, while the club still leads La Liga 5 points over Real Madrid.

These are two impressive commercials for two very impressive players. I love stumbling upon them while on youtube or on various blogs because they so obviously wont be on American tv, which to me is a shame.  All this being said, I don’t want to give too much props to these Barca cats because while they may be winning trophies and getting sponsorships, Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo are taking down all of the good looking women in Madrid (and beyond). And trust me, Spain is a good place to be cleaning up. Seriously, has there ever been a better pussy crushing tandem in history than these two? If you google “Sergio Ramos” most of the pictures that come up are half-naked smokeshows poolside all up on him. And there are top 20 lists for celebrities babes that CR7 has banged. I’d be surprised if there were any good looking Madrileñas in the whole city that didn’t walk funny. Real talk.


Some People Think This Man Is Rock n Roll

What up world, this is sway.

Welcome to another normal night in the life of our pal Randall. The arresting officers have taken Randall to a holding cell for having a couple adult beverages. But Mr. Opportunity sees this as his moment to shine. Time to have another one of his patented impropmtu acapella jam sessions.

Welllllll, You really wanna hear it? (Fast Forward to 2:44 to get to the good stuff)

That was crazily, right?

Are you ready for the remix?

Randall is available for appearances. $250 for a 4 song set. I’ve seen him 5 times. 1-877-BACKWARDS

Some People Think This is Some Good Music – The Top 5 Songs I’ve Been Bumping to This Week

Big Sean feat Chris Brown – My Last

Sean Kingston feat Justin Bieber – Wont Stop (stop hating on the boy JB)

Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up

Adele – Hometown Glory (In honor of her new album coming out. Check her out, she has some serious soul)

OnCue – Won’t Matter Tomorrow


Throwback of the week:

Rich Boy – Lets Get this Paper


SomePeopleThink this is the best pass in the history of the NBA

SomePeopleThink this is the best way to get people to stop talking to you

You really have to trust me on this one…check out Jenna Mourey, the sole founder and blogger of, and current contributor to Barstool Sports. She is the absolute shit, and thats a serious understatement. Not only is she model-level gorgeous, she is also one of the funniest people you will ever find on the internet. Doesn’t matter who you are – guy or gal, hipster or bro, Coke or Pepsi – I 100% guarantee that you will love this girl. Check these two videos out and you’ll se why:

Yeaaaa, not much else that I need to say other than make sure to check out her hilarious blog and follow her on Twitter @JennaNikki6.

Your Welcome. One Love.

SomePeopleThink Wiz Khalifa’s laugh sounds just like Ronnie’s from Jersey Shore

As the workweek winds down and we all look forward to the weekend there are very few things that get me excited before Friday. One of them happens to fall on Thursdays. Thursdays used to be a glorious debauchery filled rage fest that left me with skipped classes, several snoozed alarms, and a mean headache. But alas, some of us are now in the real world and those days are better reserved for the weekends.

Now that Thursday nights are not filled with cover charge and empty wallets, I fill them with Jersey Shore. Take it how you want it, but I think this show is amazing. Like a crash on the interstate or a really hot girl bending over I just can’t stop watching. But every Thursday at 10pm I am always left pondering the same thought: Ronnie’s laugh in the opening credits sounds a lot like the Wiz Khalifa’s laugh in the back ground of some of his songs.

Sure this might be a waste of a post but I know someone out there has to wonder the same thing. So I decided to put the two side to side to help compare. Let me know what you think.

Jersey Shore Intro

Wiz Khalifa Laughs

SomePeopleThink Tim Tebow Is Also In Mumford & Sons

Tim Tebow is as close to a perfect human as there is. SomePeopleThink they may have underestimated him. Had it not been for an unknown jazz bassist and a child pop-star sensation, Tebow may have added yet another piece of golden hardware to his already packed trophy case. Look at him perform at the Grammy’s under the alias, ‘Marcus Mumford’, as a member of Mumford & Sons (somepeoplethink the obvious alliteration and angelic voice give him away…).

Guy from Mumford & Sons/Tim Tebow

It's 'The Prestige' all over again...

Also, here are my other notable look-a-likes from the Grammy’s:

John /Johnny

Ceelo /Dino

SomePeopleThink Twitter is Hurting Scoop Jardine’s Game

The Syracuse Men’s basketball team is struggling. They have lost 6 out of their last 8 games, and have now fallen to 7-6 in the Big East, good for a disappointing 10th place in the conference. Some people think the recent slide of the Syracuse Men’s Basketball team can be attributed to the grind-it-out schedule of the Big East, the toughest conference (by far) in the country. Some people think Syracuse was overrated to begin with, so this slump comes as no surprise. Some people think it has to do with a lack of an identity/superstar. Heck maybe some even think it’s because of the stupid point shaving rumors. These are all legitimate claims for sure, but I have a much different perspective on the matter. I think that Syracuse’s season took a turn for the worse on January 5th, 2011…when Orange guard Scoop Jardine rejoined the Twitter world as @PhillyFlash11.

Scoop Jardine is the Orange’s best player. Before I get into my argument, I want to make this very clear. When he is on the top of his game, I am confident that Syracuse is a top 10 team. He may not be the best driver on the team, the best shooter on the team, or the best handler on the team, but he is by far their best playmaker. His pull up jump shot is a thing of beauty and his passing is unmatched by most, but what makes Scoop so integral to the Orange is his creativity on the court. Without him initiating plays and creating space for his teammates, the Syracuse offense falters. Players like Kris Joseph and Brandon Triche become one dimensional jump shooters and big boss Rick jackson gets doubled every time he touches the ball down on the block, making Syracuse’s half court offense easily containable. The entire Syracuse offense revolves around Scoop’s ability to attack and create. The 2011 Orange will go as far as Scoop takes them.

But we have seen a different Scoop Jardine since he rejoined twitter on January 5th. Since his first tweet back, Scoop’s stats have taken a significant dive in almost every single major offensive category. Most notably, his points per game has dropped 25% and his turnovers have increased 36%.

Sure you can make the case that he is up against tougher competition, and that these drops are to be somewhat expected, but to me it goes beyond statistics. It’s his body language – he’s no longer playing loose on the court. Since January 5th he has seemed to have lost his swagger, his confidence, his court-presence, whatever you want to call it. This sudden loss of confidence has lead to uncharacteristic mental errors and an unexplainable loss of his attack mentality. A prime example of this was seen in the most recent game against Louisville in which the Orange lost 73-69 after a ferocious 2nd half comeback. Scoop had a pretty good game (20 points, 4 assists), but the deciding two plays of the game for Cuse was his errant alley-oop to C.J. Fair and him failing to get back on defense after his turnover, resulting in a devastating layup with less then a minute to play.

You can almost see the weight build on his shoulders.  It’s painful to watch because Scoop Jardine is the type of player that wears his emotions on his sleeves when plays. I see this as a positive attribute to both his game and his standing as the team’s leader, but this characteristic can also be very detrimental. It tends to exacerbate the effects of a slump, making it harder and harder to snap out of a particular funk. This is the case for Scoop Jardine. This is no slight to him, but I believe his psyche is more sensitive than most players because of the pressure he puts on himself. He’s naturally a streaky player that feeds off confidence so it’s gotta be a tough time for him on the court as the losses mount. Obviously its easier said than done, but he really needs to completely clear his mind and refocus. My advice for Scoop…Get off Twitter.

Twitter is not healthy for any high pressured athlete, especially an emotionally-invested player like Scoop Jardine

Twitter is not for everyone. Plain and simple. Some athletes thrive on inciting fan reactions via Twitter. Chad Johnson comes to mind. Shaquille O’neal comes to mind. Paul Pierce definitely comes to mind, hes the man on Twitter. I love anyone who calls out Lebron James on Twitter. But Twitter has a shown a dark side to the sports world that can be extremely dangerous for a guy like Scoop as it destroys the much needed balance between athletes and fans. It greatly amplifies the pressures that fans put on athletes to succeed because it is a direct avenue for fans to voice their opinions in a completely open forum. I apologize for the lack of a better word, but I can imagine Twitter as being a huge mindfuck for an athlete because of the newly established ability for tweeters to literally destroy an athletes’ reputations within a matter of hours – Jay Cutler anyone? You can type in any high-profiled athletes name, and more often then not, you will see hate, hate, and more hate. This is seen all over twitter and I am fairly confident Scoop Jardine catches some of the negativity directed at him and his recent slump. All one has to do it type ‘Scoop Jardine’ in the twitter seach field during a Syracuse game and you will literally see his every mistake on the court questioned by the twitter world. Many are even directed to his twitter handle. This has to have some sort of an effect…right? I know athletes will put on a tough guy face when asked this question, but it’s got to take it’s toll.

What I see in Scoop Jardine is a mentally exhausted basketball player. Twitter will only exhaust him further, which is why I believe it would best serve Scoop to get off…at least until the season ends.

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