SomePeopleThink Tim Tebow Is Proof That The NFL Media Sucks… as if any were needed

SomePeopleThink Tim Tebow is the golden boy. SomePeopleThink he is a guaranteed first round bust. SomePeopleThink if you’ve already put him in either of those categories you’re a moron.

It’s not easy knowing more about the NFL than almost everyone in the world (only almost since Jon Gruden is still alive). I recognize that its easier for the NFL Media to overkill one story to appease the wide population of NFL fans, aka America. This provide basic banter and hedlines for easy passing conversation. For NFL Junkies like me – it isn’t nearly enough, and it’s surely tiring  to watch ESPN dedicate 3 nightly segments per SportsCenter discussing the same ‘stories’ opposed to the comprehensive NFL coverage dorks like myself truly crave… and I know I am not alone. (NFL Network isn’t far behind…)

But amongst what has been maybe the most unique NFL offeseason in several decades, filled with what would be an endless pipeline of NFL stories for any half savvy NFL beat writer, we are stuck hearing about essentially the same 2 story lines all month. The ‘Dream Team’ (the only thing Vince Young will ever leave in the record books) and Tim Tebow Watch. I refuse to waste my time writing about the Eagles. So heres 10 reasons why this Tim Tebow coverage needs to end:

1) He has started 3 NFL games in his life. He went 1-2 with 5 TDs, 3 INTs and over 600 yards. That says a whole lot of nothing – good or bad.

2) He was drafted as a minimum of a two year developmental project. Anyone who has half a memory of  the 2010 NFL Draft surely remembers that he was drafted as a very raw talent, with immense upside, who would need several years of coaching and learning to become NFL ready. Across the board.

3) He has had 1 and a quarter offeseasons to prepare and learn the pro-level game. (mind you under two different head coaches, and two very different offensive philosophies)

4) He was drafted for his character, leadership, and work ethic tethered with great physical tools. Never was the possibility of him becoming an immediate starter, despite what the media has deemed the current expectation.

5) He is not a true pocket passer. Nor is Michael Vick, Aaron Rodgers, or Ben Roethlisberger. You can design offensive schemes around your offensive leader,  the Broncos would be wise to do so rather than fitting him into their mold.

6) All of this debate is about what was the 2nd to last worst team in the NFL next year. They are no where close to winning this year anyways. Who cares if they have to  chalk up a season to fostering his growth…

7) He is Tim Tebow. A money making machine. Just having him on the team makes the Broncos money – he pays for his own salary with his revenue draw. Running a franchise is business too.

8 ) Remember when he scored 6 running touchdowns last season in limited playing time.  Only 3 less than Vick in a fraction of the playing time. The same number as Steven Jackson, and one more than Mojo did last season. That’s interesting.

9) His ‘lack of QB accumen’ is based on primarily spectators watching the first two weeks of training camp after a 6 month lockout and a handful of preseason passing plays.

10) There are 31 other teams in the league. Each filled with interesting players and back stories. SomePeopleThink SportsCenter could spare a segment or two on them.



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