SomePeopleThink Mario Should Just Say F it

In life, it’s important to give props where props are due… and the video below, about Mario and Luigi and the stupid shit they have to deal with because of Princess Peach, deserves a lot of respect.

Told you so... Shout out to Pisani for this

And sure, I could tie in the fact that I’m going as a sexy ass Luigi this year for Halloween. And sure I could also mention that I rocked the shit outta that outfit as a college freshman, but I would deem that stuff as pointless. I will refrain from including that super cool information in this post.

But yea, this is one of the best single-actor, single-camera skits I have ever seen on YouTube… or anywhere for that matter. The star of this video is Kain Carter, a hopeful comedian, whose YouTube channel is known as HotDamnIRock.

Specifically, I want to call out his acting. It’s pretty fucking legit. Sure the introduction is hilarious (most of his videos are him talking about absurd ideas and issues, I encourage you check those out as well), but the real gold is after the 1:13 mark.


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