About SomePeopleThink

SomePeopleThink was forged on the need for a creative outlet for people who crave it. This blog is unforced, unbridled, and organic creativity.

SomePeopleThink we spit blog-fire. We think so. Dylan might not, but he can go eat a damn cheesecake for all we care. Even Miss Cleo is more Jamaican than that guy. But lets get back to our point:

SomePeopleThink is an idea. Well, technically it’s a bunch of ideas… or thoughts for that matter. But the premise itself was founded on an idea of unbridled creativity. Our content is written when inspiration occurs, not under false deadline pressures or with the intent of feeding the masses with information they ‘need’ to hear. We’re just a couple of smart people who found a way to express our thoughts on diverse topics that humor/excite/inspire us. So while other bloggers find their corner of the sky by limiting themselves to contained topics, we will provide you with perspectives on a little bit of everything.

SomePeopleThink we are on a journey to something great where we present thoughts from some people, but never human kind as a whole.


One Response to About SomePeopleThink

  1. Ganesh says:

    Nice thoughts! Thanks for following my blog. 🙂

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