SomePeopleThink Album of the Week- “Hell: The Sequel” by Bad Meets Evil

SomePeopleThink there are two types of people left in the world: ghetto thugs (RMcBreezy) or hipster motherf#ckers (TheGreatMikesby). Well, I like to blend the styles of both. The past few albums of the week has paid homage to Mikesby’s clan but now it’s time to get gangsta.

Bad Meets Evil is a rap duo consisting of Eminem and Royce da 5’9″. Their one previous studio released was a song of the same title featured on Em’s debut album, The Slim Shday LP. They are your typical rap friends: grew up in Detroit together, got into a beef when one became a bigger star, rekindled their relationship when a close friend (Proof) was murdered and now making music together again. This will be Royce’s biggest payday ever for sure as Em is a walking ATM. As always keep an ear out for Eminem’s metaphors and wordplay but dont overlook the cagey veteran Royce. Let’s do it:

  1. Welcome to Hell- Intense Em with a Dick Dastardley reference in there. Royce appears in the middle but he is overpowered.
  2. Fast Lane- The lead single has a banging beat and Royce comes out firing on the first verse. A chorus is much appreciated after track one. Good summer mixtape song
  3. The Reunion- Familiar Eminem playful disrespect women track (if that’s possible) with Em singing on the hook.  This is the kind of track we always try to forget when mentioning Em as one of the best of all time.
  4. Above the Law- Cool hook and beat. I love when Eminem comes out strong with energy on a track. Royce with his best verse on the album so far and maybe the best period.
  5. I’m on Everything- Some creative lines about being on different drugs but the last 2 albums are about recovering from drugs so this track is hard to understand. I’d just skip it.
  6. A Kiss- The song everyone is writing about because of the Lady Gaga call out is actually one of the best on the EP. A catchy beat with both MCs delivering strong lyrics.
  7. Lighters- Bruno Mars on an Eminem song? Never imagined myself saying that. I hoped Tyler the Creator finished Bruno off. Uplifting effort from Eminem, a feeling of accomplishment. Funny moment of this song: Royce has a line about LeBron’s jersey hanging from the rafters 20 years from now. HA
  8. Take From Me- Royce takes Eminem’s intense voice and applies it over a strong beat. Eminem follows up with the same and similarly strong results. The negatives of fame are addressed in an emotional outburst.
  9. Loud Noises- I was on the Slaughterhouse tip when they joined forces. I was off of it when they dropped an album. I think they can definitely succeed on Shady Records. I still say Joell Ortiz is a problem
Overall, a decent LP. It won’t blow you away and you probably won’t keep it on replay on the iPod but there are a few tracks that you will come back from time to time when you’re in the mood. Just one of those things, when you’re chilling with your buddy and you feel like doing something. Necessary? No but you’re not gonna pass up new Eminem music.
SomePeopleThink Hell: The Sequel deserves a 6/10
SomePeopleThink you should also peep these new releases this week:
  • Cyhi Da Prince- Royal Flush 2 (mixtape)
  • The Wonder Years- Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing
  • Ziggy Marley- Wild and Free

SomePeopleThink Album of the Week- Suck it and See by the Arctic Monkeys

SomePeopleThink the title of this album is offensive and references oral sex. A few American retailers are posting a sticker over the name of the album to censor it in the stores. SomePeopleThink one day we are killing Bin Laden and the next day we can’t talk about head. Just so we are clear this is some British phrase that has no sexual meaning at all. Free America

Off of that political tangent, the Arctic Monkeys were all of the rage in Britain when their debut album, Whatever People Say I am, That’s What I’m Not, came out in 2006. It was the fastest selling debut record in UK history. In the past 5 years the Monkeys released 2 more albums that couldn’t match the hype. Not bad albums, just not up to the high standards they set for themselves. Let’s take a look at album four, which was released today in the US, and see if they can get back on track (by track).

  1. She’s Thunderstorms- Classic rock feel to this song. She’s Thunderstorms must be how they talk in Britain because it makes no sense. Guitar solo with banging drums at the bridge makes all the sense in the world though.
  2. Black Treacle- Another title that I don’t understand but this song hits the spot. More upbeat, more poppy, this is what makes the Arctic Monkeys as big as they are overseas. This is fun
  3. Brick by Brick- “I want to Rock N Roll, Brick by Brick.” This is a pure rock out song. Simple and loud. They say the word brick a lot.
  4. The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala- Mix of great lines with a great beat. Usually a recipe for a good song
  5. Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair- Another song that rocks hard. Funny lyrics over a ballin bass line.
  6. Library Pictures- If you want to rock out, this is the song for you. This song comes right at you. Crazy guitars into a down period. A mix of emotions in just over 2 minutes. Competing for best track
  7. All My Own Stunts- Opens with an infectious beat. I am whipping my hair to the rhythm. The last 3 songs should always be played in a row
  8. Reckless Serenade- This is the song where you sit back and have a beer after rocking hard and sweating from the previous tracks. (BEER!) The lyrics are perfect. Catchy hooks and fun to sing with
  9. Piledriver Waltz- Another chill song. I like the chorus and the lyrics but the instrumental bores me. It’s a song I would put on before bed
  10. Love is a Laserquest- Kind of a physchedelic ballad. A nice song. Showing the diversity of this band. How on point are the lyrics on this album?
  11. Suck it and See- Not about what you think. Really good track. “I pour my aching heart into a pop song.”
  12. That’s Where You’re Wrong- The last half of this album has really been terrific. We have gone from the hard rocking into this mellow beautiful sound.

This album is terrific. The best we have experienced in the Album of the Week era (3 weeks). This album touches on every emotion in all different styles. The band has grown up and put all the pieces together from bright spots on the previous three albums. If you don’t listen to this album, then suck it (and see).

SomePeopleThink The Arctic Monkeys are scoring an 8.5/10.


Overdid it with parentheses jokes this week. Stay tuned for our first hip hop review next week. Eminem

SomePeopleThink you should also check out these new releases this week:

  • Black Lips- Arabia Mountain
  • Big K.R.I.T.- R4 the Prequel EP
  • Cults- Cults
  • Fucked Up- David Comes to Life

SomePeopleThink Death Cab’s ‘Codes and Keys’ is the Album of the Week

SomePeopleThink Death Cab for Cutie releases their new album Codes and Keys this week. They do. It’s their first since Narrow Stairs was released almost 3 years ago. Since then, lead singer Ben Gibbard has quit drinking and married actress/singer Katy Perry Zooey Deschanel. Those are two pretty major life changes. Gibbard is known around the indie scene as arguably the best lyricist in the business. SomePeopleThink this is a a bold statement. Let’s go track by track and see if  he can live up to his reputation:

1. Home is a Fire- Voice decoder with a weird piano transtition over an otherwise simple rhythm. Not the tone I was hoping they would take on the first track. They did say less guitar and more piano would be on this album.

2. Codes and Keys- More traditional Death Cab. I hope the album follows suit after this. The piano sounds natural on this track.

3. Some Boys- Simple but good, catchy song.  Ben Gibbard doesn’t have to be real deep with his lyrics all of the time does he?

4. Doors Unlocked and Open- Repetitive chorus witheven more voice decoder. The people demand he sing!

5. You are a Tourist- You can see why they released this as a single, my favorite song so far. Upbeat, all Gibbard, relatable lyrics. Why can’t you make this song ten times and call it an album?

6. Unobstructed Views- Pretty song. Nice piano instrumental intro leading into a ballad. TheGreatMikesby will probably consider it for his wedding song.

7. Monday Morning– I was expecting an anti-work week anthem with this song. What do I get? A song where I have no idea what he is talking about. I’m gonna give him the benefit the doubt here and say he is being real deep.

8. Portable Television- This one is a toe tapper. Would make for a concert good sing along. Plus, the title reminds me of days spent during my childhood watching football on a portable television while tailgating at a Patriot’s game.  The stations never came in clearly and you can forget about sound, it was the worst. I guess its fitting for this song.

9. Underneath the Sycamore– Not my favorite. Another song where the chorus is repeated to the extreme. Easy to learn I guess. I was singing along on my first listen

10. St. Peter’s Cathedral- Yay, Ben Gibbard lyricism! Where have you been the last few years? So detailed, paint that picture my man. Do it for Zooey. Seriously this is the a great song though, perhaps the best on the album..?

11. Stay Young, Go Dancing- Cool acoustic melody then some piano thrown in. Jamming to this one. Hard to imagine a Death Cab song about dancing in the past. Certainly an upbeat ending to the album.

Overall Conclusion:

Completely different Death Cab on this album. More upbeat, simpler lyrics, more piano, less acoustic, dare I say happier. It doesn’t really fit. I want to hear Gibbard’s life struggles and emotions straw out across his beautiful yet pain-filled melodies… maybe that is sick to say – but it’s what made him great. As for the sound experiment, it works great on some tracks, not as much on others. SomePeopleThink you should just go download Transatlanticism if this is your first introduction to Death Cab For Cutie, you can save this one for later…the rest of us will be content. That’s all I say.

SomePeopleThink Death Cab for Cutie gets a 6/10

Other releases that SomePeopleThink you should check out this week:

  • My Morning Jacket- Circuital
  • Kate Bush- Director’s Cut

SomePeopleThink Album of the Week: Born This Way

This past year has been the return of the pop star: Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber… but one remains bigger than all of them – Lady Gaga. Whether she wears a dress made out of meat or arrives to an award show in an egg, Everything Gaga does is front page news. The only woman on her level right now is Pippa Middleton (i mean have you seen that booty?).

This week she released her second full length album, Born this Way. The expectations for this album were unfair and living up to her first album, The Fame, was near impossible. So before we judge her too hard, here’s a few things to remember:

  • Gaga makes dance music, don’t go analyzing her lyrics.
  • She makes hits, have fun and rock out
  • She’s insane.

Now let’s get into the album with some good ole fashion track by track analysis.

1. Marry the Night-Hot Intro. I’m dancing already. This would be a big single.

2. Born This Way– We all know it. Inspirational concept. I’ve always liked it.  I am never a drag, always a queen. Homophobics probably don’t get it.

3. Government Hooker– No song could live up to this title. This song is skip material, kind of like a bad Britney Spears song in her slutty phase.

4. Judas– There’s a reason this single never caught fire on the radio. Not good. I’m hoping “Bad Romance” is next.

5. Americano– Uh oh. This album needs to be revived. Has Gaga ever made 3 songs in a row that didn’t hit like the last three? The next one needs to be amazing or we could have a flop on our hands.

6. Hair– This song is hot. Thank God. Gaga returns with a banger. I just want to be free, I just want to be me, I just want a lot of friends that invite me to their parties. Amen. Again, don’t analyze the lyrics, many of these songs don’t make sense. Listen to what she told us on her last album… “just dance.”

7. Scheibe– No idea what the German says in this but once this song goes English, I’m feeling it. The beat is nice and it kind of sounds like a song in the background of a “Bruno” dance scene.

8. Bloody Mary– There goes Gaga mixing dancing and religion again. Who does it better? I love the bridge. This would be a great live song.

9. Black Jesus Amen Fashion– Cool song. Nothing Groundbreaking. Just a solid dance track. I’ve had my paws up through the last few songs.

10. Bad Kids– Maybe my favorite track I’ve heard this far. This album is heating up. Can we make a run at “The Fame”? Get these songs on the radio!

11. Fashion of His Love– Meh. I like it, I don’t love it.

12. Highway Unicorn– This is gonna be a smash. This would be a popular song at Club Gaga, a night club that I am currently creating the business plan to.

13. Heavy Metal Lover– Another strong effort. It’s a party album, stop thinking soo much.

14. Electric Chapel– This song dragged on for me. I was into it at the start but then got bored.

15. The Queen– Another decent song. Goes on for too long. At some point, she thought we listened to her music for guitar solos to close out tracks

16. You and I– Country Gaga? I’m into it. Diversity is cool with me. Should be called “Nebraskan State of Mind” though.

17. The Edge of Glory– I know many don’t, but I really like this song. Standout track for me and perfect closer to the album.

Overall Conclusion:

Born this Way is not The Fame and many will see it as a disappointment. This album will produce it’s share of singles and keep Gaga on top of the world. Not a classic, but certainly not garbage.

SomePeopleThink Gaga gets a 6.5/10

Other Releases this week that SomePeopleThink you should check out:

  • Friendly Fires – Pala
  • Thurston Moore – Demolished Thoughts
  • Foster the People – Torches

SomePeopleThink that if you Make a Nice Mixtape or Two, You Can Control the Most Powerful People in the Business

New York PostEven Sean “Diddy” Combs is bowing to the wild demands of yet-to-be signed, punk-rock- hip-hop supergroup Odd Future. Music honchos including Roc Nation’s Jay- Z, SRC’s Steve Rifkind and Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine have been fighting to sign the band described as an “urban Sex Pistols.” The anti-establishment band has been having some fun by asking the bigwigs to meet them on their turf — the Supreme skateboard shop in Fairfax, Calif. Rifkind, who sources tell us is soon to make a formal offer, managed to get them to his office, but said frontman Tyler the Creator told him: “If you are serious about the meeting, I want Randy’s Donuts, swivel chairs and a megaphone.” Diddy — who’s said to be “desperate to sign the group to prove that he’s onto something hot” — set up a meeting between Tyler and Justin Bieber after the band demanded he deliver the pint-size pop star. A source said, “Tyler asked Diddy for access to Justin, so he pulled strings.” A rep for Odd Future said, “Tyler did meet with Justin, and Diddy helped make it happen.”

So, just like anybody who knows anything, I’ve been riding these guys hard lately. But when does it go too far? They have only 2 mixtapes as a group, zero number one singles and most people don’t even know who they are. So why are they pulling all the strings? Sure your music is hot, but you ain’t done nothing yet. You can’t just meet Bieber. (I ain’t hatin either, I actually love these guys). Judge for yourself:

SomePeopleThink Pi Day Opens the Door for new Holidays

Listen here, if you wished someone a happy Pi day today, you are a nerd. That is not a holiday. Whatever guy came up with it isn’t even funny. It’s not even the exact value, you fucking rounded. I mean if you’re gonna call 3/14 Pi Day, why can’t we turn any significant number into a holiday?

March 16 – Stone Cold Day- This one is actually coming up this week. It celebrates the legend that is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Every kid in middle school had an Austin 3:16 shirt. This day is typically celebrated by pouring beer down your throat from a foot away from your face, smashing the can, flipping the bird to innocent bystanders and giving all people offended a move called the “Stunner.”

April 11 – 411 used to be my favorite phone number until Bush issued a charge every time you call it. You could literally get any information you wanted. Just think if W called 411 during Katrina, the guy would have known what state to send help to. With that said, and in honor of information, on 4/11 Jeopardy will spread knowledge by hosting a tournament where two great former contestants face a computer. The computer wins. Who would have guessed?

June 9 – 69 Day- Pretty self explanatory. Everyone gives but also receives. Similar to Christmas. The happiest day of the year. Very popular holiday in Vegas, Amsterdam and Atlantic City. Charlie Sheen hosts a telethon each year to raise money for STDs.

October 4 – Ten-Four is some police lingo which, I think, means they understand whatever was just said. No idea why they can’t just say “I got it,” “That makes sense,” or “Thanks Bro,” but it does sound cool when used in other context. Urban dictionary says 10-4 could also mean: “A girl being a rating of 10 from afar and a 4 from up close.. Basically an ugly girl up close and hot from afar.” It’s my holiday so I’m going with the latter definition. This year’s chairwoman of the 10/4 parade is Fergie. Boom Boom Pow Dirty Bit

Science geeks want to make their own holidays? I can play that game too. See you in June.

SomePeopleThink this Can’t Be Legal in International Rules

Is it legal to hypnotize your opponent as well as everyone in the locker room during a match? Just think how good Goldust would have been if he had this in his arsenal. Get this guy back to Egypt and calm everyone down!

SomePeopleThink this is America’s Next Best Dance Crew

Others think it is the defending Eastern Conference Champions whose star power forward is dancing in a towel. Both could be right.

SomePeopleThink MJ Sleeps with His Mom

So flashback to 1991, Michael Jordan wins his first NBA title and is named finals MVP. Then Bob Costas rolls in on his high horse and mistakes the young man’s wife for his mother on national television. What a jackass! MJ should have knocked him out right there and ended the pride of Syracuse’s career. SomePeople make mistakes that can never be forgiven. Why weren’t there “MJ F**Ks His Mother” chants the rest of his career? Because,  did Jordan really need any more incentive to drop 50 every night?

SomePeopleThink Top 10 Albums of the Year Can Be Explained with 10 or Less Words Each

So I have been reading all the year end top 10 lists and I think it is time to throw mine in the ring with the experts. But I am gonna one up them. They spend hours writing their long narratives on why one is better than the other but nobody cares or even agrees with them about. In response, my top 10 will only be accompanied by 10 (or so) words or less on the thoughts each album immediately put in my head. SomePeopleThink is for the people and we aren’t here to waste your time, start the debate:

10. Rick Ross- Teflon Don

“Remember when this guy used to suck? Still fat though”

9. Broken Bells- Broken Bells

“Cool, the guy from the Shins and Jew from Gnarls Barkley”

8. Sleigh Bells- Treats

“This is really loud but I can’t turn it down”

7. Best Coast- Crazy for You

“This song is catcy. So is this one. Look at that cat”

6. Mumford and Sons- Sigh No More

“I am definitely a Little Lion Man.”

5. The Arcade Fire- Suburbs

“How many people are in this fucking group? Noises everywhere”

4. Janelle Monae- The ArchAndroid

“It’s cool to put every different genre on one album”

3. Vampire Weekend- Contra

“I would never hang out with them but I love them”

2. The Black Keys- Brothers

“OMG, this actually might be better than what Kanye is gonna put out in December”

1. Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark twisted Fantasy

“Sorry Black Keys, this album can’t be touched”

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