SomePeopleThink There is a Right Way to Watch the Super Bowl

I don’t know if you know me, but I can get pretty hectic when watching the Patriots. I like watching the games a certain way and with that said, recently I learned that I would be having quite a bit of company at my apartment for the game. I figured the best way to ensure harmonious viewing is to create what I’ve call: The Super Bowl Booklet of Rules, Tips and FAQs for Proper Viewing Procedure to Ensure Harmonious Enjoyment of the Game. This booklet outlines how you should act when watching the Super Bowl in general; letting you know things you should or shouldn’t do during game-time.  If you print this booklet out on the day of the Super Bowl and leave it next to nachos, and I guarantee harmony and unity between all of you guests.

Go Pats,



(Also: if you have an extra ticket to Coachella, tweet at me, I know its a long shot)

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